Update on COVID-19 April 30

April 30, 2020

To family, friends, and community,

Since we have been declared in outbreak, our focus has been on protecting our staff and residents. Ensuring they are safe, supported, and that all safeguards are in place to continue our reputable care for them.

We have been in outbreak since April 7th, and have since had no new cases of COVID19. However, continue to test and isolate any staff or residents that show signs and symptoms.

Daily communication is taking place between management, residents, Power of Attorneys of care, and staff. This will continue during the outbreak.

We want to thank the residents for their understanding, and accepting the changes/new rules with a positive attitude.

We want to express our gratitude to our staff. We cannot say thank you enough for their commitment, care, and love for the residents. During this difficult and uncertain time, they have been our positive light.

Thank you to families who continue to show their gratitude through donations, gifts, and letters of appreciation. We realize that the mandates restricting visitors has been difficult to accept. Your cooperation has been remarkable.

Thank you to the board of directors and Assured Care Consulting for their tireless support. They have been assisting with extra tasks, treating the staff, lending support, and guidance.

Please be aware that we are following all Public Health, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care guidelines and more. As we continue to work to keep our residents and staff safe, we also want to reassure everyone that we currently have enough staff to provide resident care. The staff have a sufficient supply of adequate personal protective equipment and we are constantly sourcing more. If this should change, there are steps in place to get assistance in getting more equipment. Furthermore, we have been disinfecting and excessively cleaning to maintain a clean home.

We have been very fortunate. Without input and support from residents, staff, family members and the community this would not have been possible.

Thank you,

Labdara Lithuanian Nursing Home


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