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Canada Day
Canada Day

Our residents and staff celebrated the 150th birthday of Canada on our outdoor balcony with sparkling drinks and a delicious cake. The weather was lovely, the food delicious and a good time was had by all. July 1st. was a special day for all the residents as they celebrated a once-in-a-lifetime anniversary of our country.;
Onute House
Onute House

On July 18th ten Labdara residents accompanied by four Activation Department staff, set out on an excursion to a garden. A garden full of blooms and wonderful food and drinks. We were invited for a garden tea party at the home of Labdara’s long-time volunteer - Onute Stonciuviene. The sunshade umbrellas were up, the tables set with white table cloths, drinks and food, and the flowers were in full bloom. It was a lovely afternoon spent in the generous company of our hostess - Onute. Onute maintains this traditional outing to her garden as her way of visiting with us in her own home - it has become a very much anticipated annual event.

Thank-you Onute for your generosity and love.

Sharing Our Stories - Lithuanian Canadian Museum Project
Meuseum Project
Four of our residents participated in the project SHARING OUR STORIES under the leadership of the Lithuanian Canadian Museum and Archives located in Mississauga, Ontario. They were interviewed and vide-taped by museum staff and volunteers. Now their stories have been produced as a 40 minute long vide film. Museum staff, Alexander Valavicius, came to our Home on Thursday, July 20th to present and show the film. About 20 residents attended. They listened attentively to the stories of their fellow residents about how they left Lithuania because of the Second World War, how they lived in Displaced Persons camps in Germany and about the first days of a new life in Canada. Many thanks to Alex and Museum Director Danguole Juozapavicius for sharing this video film with us.

Mother's Day
Moother's Day
On May 12th the residents enjoyed beautiful pink geraniums and an ice cream cone as they remembered their Mothers. Our volunteer accordionist, Elena Grasmaniene, led everyone in song. It was a lovely afternoon with many fond memories of our Moms.

Our artist
Our resident Vladas Sleinys spent many hours working on a long banner - artfully colouring various jungle animals and scenes. His work is now on display along the wall outside Tado Svetaine at Labdara. Congratulations, Vladai, for sharing your beautiful art.

SPRING HAS SPRUNG- Botanical Garden Visit
Spring tour
The residents outing on April 18th was a visit to Centennial Park’s Botanical Gardens.

  The lovely and colourful blooms were enjoyed by everyone participating in the outing.
In awe of tropical setting
Our residents were in awe of the tropical like setting of the garden
Visitor from Lithuanian
Franciscan Father, Brother Gediminas came from Kretinga, Lithuania to promote a new film called “Gates of the Lamb” produced in Lithuania. Brother Gediminas, together with Father Aurelijus, introduced the film - about the Roman Catholic baptismal rite, and spent the afternoon watching the film and discussing it with the Labdara residents’ Religious Group which meets weekly.  
Easter at Labdara
APRIL was a busy month at LABDARA. Everyone got into the Easter spirit for our annual Easter concert held in the Tado Svetaine common room and ended up with a sing-a-long.
Easter was a time of traditional customs and some just fun activities.  In second row, MARGUČIAI: making “margučiai”, Lithuanian Easter eggs, engaged everyone’s creative talents. A good time was had by all whether a traditional or just a fun activity
Daina Concert
Independence Day
Valentine's Party
Valentines 2017
Christmas Concert
Christmas Concert
The Douglas Peck Musicians at Labdara CHRISTMAS CONCERT for our residents was performed on Dec. 10th in the Tado Svetainė common room by the Douglas Peck musicians.

Christmas Concert
Their music certainly put everyone in the Christmas mood.  Thanks to Douglas and his musicians for sharing their talents and their time with us.
Scholarship Committee presents awards
Scholarship Awards

Julija Šimonėlis (Director, Labdara Foundation Board), scholarship recipients: Rasa Šiaučiūnas (3rd year of studies at the Michener Institute, UofT, to become a respiratory therapist); Povilas Kesminas (MBA student at the DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University, Hamilton); Livija Čygas (2nd year communications & arts student, UofT); and, Rūta Rusinas (Chair, Scholarship Committee).  Daina Norkus (Queen’s University, Kingston, commerce student) also received a scholarship but could not attend in person due to exams.
Scholarship Awards

Daina Norkus (Labdara scholarship 2016 recipient, Queen’s University commerce student - right picture)

LCAT/LABDARA SCHOLARSHIPS 2016 were presented at Labdara during the residents’ Christmas Concert on Saturday, Dec. 10th. Julija Šimonėlis, Director on the Board of the Labdara Foundation hosted the event and Rūta Rusinas, Chair of the Scholarship Committee, presented each recipient. $4000 in all was awarded to 4 recipients this year from the LCAT/LABDARA Scholarship Trust Fund. Sincere thanks to our volunteer Scholarship Committee: Rūta Rusinas (chair), Labdara Board and LCAT reps: Ed Stravinskas, Gene Kobelskis and academics: Aušra Karka and Antanas Šileika for their work.
In Memoriam Service

IN MEMORIAM SERVICE: our past residents were remembered in a beautiful evening service with readings and singing by the choir made up of LABDARA volunteers. The service was organized by Pastoral Committee member Angela Ambrozaitis and led by Rev. A. Zilinskas, Pastor of the Lithuanian Lutheran Redeemer Church and Deacon of the Resurrection Parish Church, dr. K. Ambrozaitis. A floral tribute of red carnations, given to participating members of families of the departed, and refreshments were provided by LABDARA. Cakes were a gift of Dr. & Mrs. K.A. Ambrozaitis.

“They are not dead who live in the hearts they leave behind.”

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