LABDARA Lithuanian Nursing Home

5 Resurrection Road
Toronto, ON
M9A 5G1
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Staff Contacts

Position Name Phone Extension
Administrator Laura Puteris 416-232-2112 ext. 401
Director of Care Beata Malizia 416-232-2112 ext 603
ADOC/RAI Coodinator/IPAC Lead Daliborka Lazic 416-232-2112 ext. 405
1st. Floor Nursing Stn. - 416-232-2112 ext. 601
2nd. Floor Nursing Stn. _ 416-232-2112 ext. 201
3rd. Floor Nursing Stn. _ 416-232-2112 ext. 301
Life Enrichment Manager Ljiljana Gavrilovic 416-232-2112 ext. 403
Food Services Manager Tamara Szczepanska 416-232-2112 ext. 404
Environmental Manager Vladas Sinila 416-232-2112 ext. 407
Office Manager Ramune Jeskutelyte 416-232-2112 ext. 402
Reception Reception 416-232-2112 -
Weekend Reception Weekend Reception 416-232-2112
Board President Zita Bersenas-Cers (non staff contact - Labdara Board)
Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Long-Term Care Family Support and Action Line (non staff contact) 1-866-434-0144



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Labdara Lithuanian Nursing Home is owned by the Labdara Foundation, a not-for-profit registered charity B/N 118987775RR0001.
The home is managed by UniversalCare Inc.

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