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Volunteers are one of our most valuable resources. Our volunteer program has been designed to recruit, screen, orient, train, support and evaluate willing participants in a variety of fulfilling and engaging duties. Some of these responsibilities would include:

  • Friendly visits

  • Reading to a resident

  • Assisting with meals and feeding

  • Accompanying residents to appointments

  • Taking residents for walks

  • iv>

    Leading or assisting with regular programs

  • Assisting on trips and at activities and special events

  • Serving on the Board and its Committees

  • Helping with fundraising events

  • Providing Pet Therapy

  • Join TEAM LABDARA and volunteer at DELTA BINGO for the benefit of our nursing home

  • Join TEAM LABDARA for the annual TORONTO CHALLENGE walk/run in June and raise funds through sponsors for Labdara

Paid nursing staff and personal support workers (PSWs) have their hands full performing duties that fulfill the daily requirements of life in a nursing home.

Additional individualized attention from volunteers such as spending quality time just sitting with a lonely or isolated resident, holding a hand or gently reading a story or newspaper could mean the world to a resident. Playing a game of chess or listening to a resident’s favourite song together could bring a smile to their face. An even simpler activity of walking beside or wheeling a wheelchair-bound person around the facility for a "walk" to provide a change of scenery from the sameness of their room could turn an average day into a great day.

If you want to do something truly meaningful and have a few hours of time to spare on a consistent basis - we need you and they need you. As time passes, many of the residents’ relationships decline or disappear, hence consistency in relationships through our volunteers becomes very important to our residents.


Benefits of volunteering:

  • helps in developing self-confidence, interpersonal skills, and a sense of achievement

  • helps in developing a social network with other volunteers and paid staff

  • helps in developing new job-related skills

  • increases awareness of community needs

  • provides further opportunities to become involved in community life

  • provides new life experiences

  • increases a feeling of doing something useful and relevant

  • provides enrichment in your own life



FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT: Lilijana Gavrilovic by email at: or by voicemail message at:
416-232-2112 ext. 403.


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