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A Family Council is an organized, self-led, self-determining, democratic group composed of family and friends of the residents of a Long-Term Care Home. The main purposes of a Family Council are to improve the quality of life of Long-Term Care residents and to give families and friends a forum for sharing their experiences, learning and exchanging information.

The Family Council can choose to hold sessions to share information and experiences, as well as educating Council members on issues affecting residents and families - sometimes by engaging guest speakers.  The sessions are for the families and persons of importance to residents. At the request of the Family Council, the Home can appoint a person to assist the Council and attend meetings at the Council’s request.  Typically the Family Council meets at least once a year.   

While each Family Council is unique, they generally focus on improving the quality of life, providing support, and assuring quality of care for all residents.

Family Councils are included in the Long-Term Care Homes Act, sections 59-68. The Act outlines the Long Term Care Home’s obligations to support the establishment of a Council, the powers of a Council, who may and may not be a member of the Council and more. For more information on the Long Term Care Homes Act, please see  



FAMILY COUNCIL MEETING took place on Sunday, November 4th at Labdara at 1:00PM.  The meeting was very informative and of great interest to the resident family members who attended.  The nursing home’s Administrator, Michael Bausch, presented the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s recently completed report on Quality Care Performance indicators across nursing homes in Ontario.  He then presented Labdara’s performance across these indicators and compared us to the provincial standards or benchmarks for each one as well as to the provincial average across Ontario’s nursing homes.  In all, Labdara’s performance is above average.  We can be proud of this accomplishment.

The attendees raised no concerns with care of their loved ones in our home. 



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