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The Management and Staff of Labdara hosted a VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION LUNCHEON at Labdara on Wednesday, April 24th. The Administrator Laura Puteris, Volunteer Co-ordinator Nerijus Augutis and Zibute Janeliunas on behalf of the Board of Directors expressed sincere thanks to the 30 volunteers present. As it was spring, Tado Svetaine was decked out in bright spring colours with bouquets of beautiful spring flowers throughout the room. The delicious meal of salmon, roasted chicken with various salads and a sweet table full of cakes was prepared in-house by our very own food services staff. Our volunteers were recognized for the contribution they make in ensuring that Labdara functions like a real home to our residents. Our volunteers contribute: by singing in the choir during weekly Mass for the residents in our chapel on Wednesdays and then stay to socialize with the residents; volunteers read to those who can no longer read on their own; they visit with those who have no one visiting them; they play chess and board games with our residents; they help to feed those most needy of feeding assistance during meals; they accompany residents on outings into the community; they serve on the Board of Directors and contribute in various other ways throughout the year. The afternoon was enjoyed by all as evidenced by the conversations that continued over coffee and cakes.

Appreciation expressed to the volunteers by Labdara's administrator and the Board

Some Noteworthy Examples of Volunteering

OUR BINGO TEAM: Sandra Burke, Birute Batraks and Vid Valiulis, together with Arunas Morkunas, work quietly but consistently throughout the year at Toronto’s Charitable Gaming BINGO. This past year this team of volunteers has raised over $54,000 for our nursing home!!! This is the largest sum the Team has earned for Labdara over the past 10 years. CONGRATULATIONS and SINCERE THANKS for the wonderful work you do for our residents.
BINGO Team representative, Birute Batraks also sold her hand-made Lithuanian wrist-warmers and original pieces of jewelry at Labdara’s November Bake Sale.

RESIDENTS ARE VOLUNTEERS TOO: Opportunities to serve as volunteers do not disappear the day a person becomes a resident of Labdara. Residents who serve on the nursing home’s Resident Council do so as volunteers. Mrs. Žemaitienė, a resident of Labdara, is serving as Chair of the Labdara Resident Council. CONGRATULATIONS and thank-you!


By volunteering you have just given the most priceless gift anyone could give – your time, kindness and love. Your gift of time has made Labdara a place that cares for every resident in a very personal way.  Recently, a group of volunteers played a major role in assisting with Christmas celebrations for our residents - much appreciated.



Volunteers bring cheer throughout the year.  They come every week for sing-alongs with the residents.

Here’s a cheerful group of our volunteers with Volunteer Coordinator - Nerijus Augutis (in the back row) all decked out in red for Christmas at Labdara.


Angela Ambrozaitis
Aleksa Nedeljkovic
Alina Jurcevicius
Ed Kurak
Antanas Ulba
Arunas Dailyde
Birute Kazlauskas
Christopher Sanchez
Daiva Brovkiene
Daiva Paskauskas
David Bristow
Ema Puteris & her dog Ellie
Gail Jaseliunas
Gajute Budra
Grazina Stauskas
Irena Baziliauskas
Irene Olynyk

Iris Kwon
Jennie Vingelis
Jerome Peralta
Kazimieras Ambrozaitis
Lilly Hill
Liz Clemence
Margaret Heinz
Margarita Zubrickas
Maria Dossantos
Michael Miskowiec
Ona Jurenas
Ona Stoncius
Onute Krasauskas
Ramune Stravinskas
Ruta Simanavicius
Starr Tkaczuk
Stase Gircys
Teresa Paolo




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