Continuous Quality Improvement Initiative

CONTINOUS QUALITY IMPROVEMENT – INTERIM REPORT below details Labdara's commitment to pursue continuous quality improvement focused on the heart of our mission statement and seeks to better the lives of our residents, their families and our staff.

Our priorities continue to be aligned with Ontario Health’s Priority Indicators with additional emphasis on the Resident Experience and Safe & Effective Care. Focusing on those areas that are identified in FLTCA, 2021 as programs that define quality for the lives of the persons, we provide care for and support. These include:

• A holistic approach to Palliative Care
• Avoidable emergency department visits
• IPAC protocols and standards that protect all
• Ongoing commitment to health - related quality of life indicators as realized through MDS quarterly reporting statistics
• Best possible experience for residents and families

CONTINOUS QUALITY IMPROVEMENT COMMITTEE is responsible for the overall implementation of the Continuous Quality Improvement Program. Membership and responsibilities of this committee are detailed in the document below entitled New FLTCHA CQI Committee Terms of Reference

CQI Plan details the goals of the program and aspects of achieving these goals

Labdara Lithuanian Nursing Home shall provide a nurturing home that meets the physical, social, cultural and spiritual needs of its residents.


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Labdara Lithuanian Nursing Home is owned by the Labdara Foundation, a not-for-profit registered charity B/N 118987775RR0001.
The home is managed by UniversalCare Inc.

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